Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Claim Maker

Claim your ignorance of it,
Claim victory over injustice,
Claim no real understanding,
Claim it was the in-laws,
Claim it was the film you saw,
But is it true?

Claim stake a mine,
Claim you're mine,
Claim your horse in a claimer's race,
Claim the computer did it,
Claim it's their fault,
Claim fraud!
But is it true?

Claim you're satisfied,
Claim negligence,
Claim it was the sun, the weather,
Claim it was the government,
But is it true?

Claim an illness, a headache, a sore back,
Claim drunkenness,
Claim hysteria,
Claim it was the enemy,
Claim it was the terrorists, or the Internet,

Claim anything but the truth.

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