Thursday, June 1, 2017

In the Green

In the Green

In the simple curve of a leaf tip
Is found all the elegance
and refinement of nature.
Though she can be fierce
and merciless,
peace is found within her.

Might you find intelligence
in the roundness of living things,
cycles and seasons
cells and seeds,
a circle, or a sphere,
each simple clues.

Lead to, time and space is endless
there is no beginning,
there is no end.

My Poetry book!

For those of you wanting to read more of my scintillating poetry, now you can!
I won an award in in Ex Ophidia's inaugural contest!

Anyway, you can purchase it from Amazon/ & Amazon Prime under the name, "Old As Rainfall"
by  -Heidi Morrell. I encourage you to get it, because you like my writing, although I won't see a cent.

Be well, be balanced, and peace be with you.  -HM

Heidi's poetry reading at Chevaliers bookshp

To honor my chapbook publication, Jerry & I held a reading of my works in
Larchmont Village here in L.A. /Hollywood. It was a big success I'm proud to say.
I invited readers read my poems, as I'm no longer able to enunciate them clearly.
It was a small affair but it was SRO! Picture below. BTW - Should you want to buy my chapbook,
it's available thru Amazon. Here's the link :


White Calla Lilies

               Calla  Lilies

                Early spring creeps
                into my awakening garden,
                and I hook a Calla lily stem
                with my hand,
                to rob the stamen of its creamy
                pollen hovering like small atmosphere
                around its finger planet.
                I rub it on my cheek
                in a sudden ridiculous suburban ritual,
                drawing in some earthly connection.

                A salutation to the security of seasons,
                and terrestrial rhythms,
                among the cement, exhaust,
                and digital screens
                that delineate most days.