Saturday, May 21, 2016



By any measure, the unjustly charged
will continue to be short changed
and the poor guys living in damp 
insect ridden quarters 
will be ripped off by continual apathy.

The sick and suffering 
will be overcharged,
while humbly waiting for
a sliver of respect 
from the medical profit machine 
that is healthcare here.

The divide between the gilded haves
and those destitute,
will remain,
to forcefully cleave society
until those with nothing else
but hope, rise up.  

Tuesday, December 8, 2015



A hollow ache when they leave,
it swells, crests, then dies,
family ties seem like tentacles 
around your heart, your core 
blood ties never let you go.
Spent time, 
childhood, adolescence,
phone calls, laughter, rebellion
when we grow those root tentacles,
they bind us forever.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Things that are Impressive at first, but ultimately annoying:

Things that are Impressive at first, but ultimately annoying:

-circus clowns
-phony friends
-pointy shoes
-high heels
-tiny dogs
-synthetic fabrics
-strong wind
-hype/self promo
-rich foods
-tinted glass
-any two year old not in your family
-motor mouths
-late night sounds
-prison shows
-cheeky newscasters
-ripped jeans

Many items on this list are a matter of taste, culture, age and gender. There must be a thousand more. I thought it would be interesting and fun for my readers, you know, break a smile out. The world is far too serious. Laughter and levity are elixir!

A successful poetry reading of my work!

Yesterday, August 25 on the warm evening in Hollywood, three people read from my chapbook   'Also, As Well'  to a SRO group in a great book shop called Chevaliers (on Larchmont Blvd.

It was a happy occasion with wine, lemonade punch and home-made cookies. 
The best thing, the gratifying moments came when people were moved by my words!

Thank you to Dana Bain, Omyrrya and my husband Jerry for reading in my stead, as my mouth has trouble enunciating due to my MSA.

Fantastic, a good  time was had by  all! (L to R daughter Eleanor, son John, Jeremy, Heidi M -author.