Saturday, October 12, 2013

Highland Avenue Shelter

            This feline pair
            lifted from
            the acute cages of last chance,
            a lithe adolescent
            a big eared toddler.

            A new title, a new scene
            is now suddenly fitted on them.
            Perhaps they regard floors and doors
            spread out before them
            like a thrilling new book,
            upholstered terrain has to be charted,
            any enemies avoided.
            But specific human scents, food odors,
            roll around them,
            and voices crossing above them
            are without fear, or dismissal
            or disdain.

            Their large eyes soften,
            pupils shrink and align,
            and questing whiskers
            are soon thrust into cushions
            or warm chests,
            and finally, their newly quiet paws
            angle into rest
            like a baron’s arms
            in portrait.

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