Friday, December 21, 2012

Let Go - poem

The exquisite sadness and joy of letting go,
of handing the baton on,
the torch,
to those who will carry it forward.

One moment I had hubris enough to see
blood in my tears,
as I traveled my old lanes and sound hallways;
comportment gone,
only a self centered indulgence,
in sensory whispers
of scents and fabrics and images.

Ahh, it’s difficult to let go;
unfinished seams to sew,
doghouses still to paint,
hoeing to be done, and bills to pay,
all that writing to be cajoled.

But, a new age, a new sensation comes,
the digital generation will be had,
while cynicism coils
looping over its young neck,
the cold comfort of electronic isolation,
ash in their supple mouths.

Wrench away like a spooked horse,
heat yourselves instead
in the warm exchange of ideas,
creative enterprise and community.

Sadness will ebb then,
seasons will be praised,
empathy will be composted,
and then I can let go,
really let go.

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