Thursday, January 11, 2024

 Lucy's Easter Lilies

My bedroom became 
quietly flooded 

in a heady floral fragrance,

it's  sweet silent cloud 

 the cool air with it's
intoxicating perfume for days.

The sweet earthy scent

did quietly creep into my nose,
and those during dark hours

when I lay in my
blanket laden bed,

a local owl's eerie hooting
added to the background confirmed 

sounds of early spring.

Lily's now white delicate petals

form fragrant trumpets most temporary,

contrasting the darkest green leaves,
to fashion a telling polarity in color,
and a profound tale of the ephemera.


Sunday, June 28, 2020

 To Do Today - Isolated 

Restless beings, creative folk
remain home with little to do,
but deeply think,
and  think we will 
about our lousy leadership,
about ugly death..

For the lack of sweet air flowing into 
Your moist lungs.

Something so elemental 
you first began the practice at birth,
assuming it would always  
be there for you, like food and water.
Your reckoning,
your crushing sore realization
stymies you  
as you wince at that harsh  

  Covid Haiku. 

The nasty virus 
cares not your party choice
Just your fortitude.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles 

Year's ago on the big island 
of Hawaii, I saw them,
on their backs baking in the heat.

Scaled flippers flailing continuously 
in their desperate 
motion to right themselves.
It irritated me to see them struggle,
and I knew they would perish.

But my boyfriend who grew up 
on the big island 
stopped me from
aiding the unfortunate marine reptiles.

The fishermen were old time islanders
Japanese, Portuguese and 
local mixed Hawaiians
they had always done this to sea turtles 
as they had been taught  
and learned to before.

The scene ached for remedy and education 
about there coming scarcity,
the year 1978
Still I couldn't understand 
how people born near the ocean
harvesting its animals could allow
such cruelty and suffering.

My agitation became unbearable, 
I wanted to flee
the awful sight of torture 
flee the misery

and my static helplessness.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Ahh, Disibility


Like the growing surge 
the slow tightening 
of a cramping muscle, 
the calamity of family betrayal
grips me with overwhelming pain.

options run the corridors   
of my mind 
and my twisted leaping heart
for a resolution. 
Sweeping over me like an icy wind, 
came the recognition that somehow 
I am responsible.

I am, for my frustration and fear,
but only wanting support 
and an iota of commiseration.
I am confused by their ferocity
their righteous vehemence 
that I've done wrong.
They name my toxic lingering anger 
that overwhelms them 
and me of along with it
and influences my behavior.
They, my children, informed me,
and such a declaration 
ricocheted Into my bones.

Courage is required upon waking
mortified by a body that can't walk or talk,
to bear the burden of my inching decline,
anger is also known as fear
of the unknown 
like shadows hide roving sharks 🦈 
to eat me.

I may not see old age, 
and will lose surly as 
the sun ☀️ will rise tomorrow 
ever more abilities
to this dreadful condition,
that thrusts me into the role 
of freak and slob that I abhor.

Love and tolerance may not win
In this intimate family betrayal,
and like songbirds,
spinning haunting notes 
through the night,
you will look and long for them 
when the birds 🐦 

do not show again in the fall.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

In the Green

In the Green

In the simple curve of a leaf tip
Is found all the elegance
and refinement of nature.
Though she can be fierce
and merciless,
peace is found within her.

Might you find intelligence
in the roundness of living things,
cycles and seasons
cells and seeds,
a circle, or a sphere,
each simple clues.

Lead to, time and space is endless
there is no beginning,
there is no end.

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